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On May 31st, I wrote about the DC version of the Case Shiller Index and how it doesn't reflect the actual Washington, DC metro area housing market like RBI data does.

Yesterday and this morning I also posted a three part series on the MRIS Blog with more specifics. Take a look:


DC Metro Area
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Good news for those of you that follow RBI's monthly press releases and have asked why the DC Metro region didn't have a corresponding stats page - you can finally follow along at home!  Like fellow press release subject Baltimore Metro, the DC region now has a standalone page complete with heat maps ("choropleths" for the pedantic type), Interactive Charts, etc.  Non-subscribers can view summary statistics and download the detailed report each month.  The market area includes: Washington, D.C., Montgomery County, Prince George’s County, Alexandria City, Arlington County, Fairfax County, Fairfax City, and Falls Church City.


Small Sampler of DC Metro Stats (embeds courtesy of an rbiPRO subscription)




DC Metro Area
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Visit the Videos section to view the video for your region. The video for the Baltimore Metro region is below.

Don't forget that you can upload these videos to your blog, website, and Facebook to keep your friends and clients engaged!


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Courtesy of a rainy day and a "No TV Week" policy from my kids' Kindergarten class (thankfully this is the last day - Tremé and Game of Thrones tomorrow!), I had a few idle moments to play with RBI's interactive charts. Thought I'd share a quick analysis of what I looked at - I'll leave out the ZIP level stuff, considering that even these 5 counties are not entirely relevant to the wider MRIS customer base!

First I took a look at sales totals for the 5 most active RE markets in Northern VA:


I then looked at the Median DOM for these sold units...


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Around the 8th of each month, I get an email from Betsy (our resident data geek) with a first look at the previous month's data. I then start bugging Porter (data visualization geek) to push them into our staging environment so that I can take a look at the new Interactive Charts.  A little perk from working at RBI - getting a sneak peak at local RE stats while the finishing touches of QA are applied (and before we update our site on the 10th!  Being a Loudoun resident, I usually jump right to the LoCo page to see how the market is trending and how my ZIP code is looking. Though unlikely since I've been in NoVa for decades, I occasionally toy with the idea of selling my place and moving to Maryland (2-hour commutes like yesterday makes it all the more tempting!), so obviously I like to keep tabs on recent trends.


Diving in this month, something jumped out at me when looking at the townhouse segment - the average Days on Market before sale was somewhat higher than I'd expected, given what I've seen from neighborhood signs changing from "For Sale" to "Under Contract" as I drive around (can't get much more anecdotal than that, but hey, I'm not a REALTOR®).  The chart below shows the Average Days on Market for the 225 detached sales (in purple) and 134 attached sales (in red).


I realize most agents (and home sellers) in counties outside of the MRIS region would love to see such relatively low figures, but the 45 day average for townhouses and 92 day average for detached homes still was higher than I'd expected. I flipped the Interactive Chart over to Median DOM and found a picture that better fit my preconception:


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