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We're proud to announce the launch of our second subscription option - rbiEXPERT. Building on the foundation of rbiPRO and retaining all of its features as well, rbiEXPERT provides detailed statistical analysis for multiple geographies found nowhere else in this price range. Available at $29.99 a month, rbiEXPERT sets itself apart from rbiPRO by focusing on the context of a given micromarket and how it compares to its "parent" market(s) or "sibling" markets.

In our initial release, rbiEXPERT provides the ability to compare up to five geographies in a single view. Additionally, users can drill down on how a given stat (e.g. SP to LP ratio) is trending for a particular home type/criteria (e.g. Detached homes or 4 BR homes) across several areas. In addition to the line or bar view, customers can also export the data to Excel sheets with just one click. Embedding an rbiEXPERT graph on your website with ZIP Codes you farm instantly positions you as the local market expert.



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Jonathan Miller, the "housing market analyst guy" that RBI and MRIS have tapped for market analysis services, provided the market commentary for our November 2010 Housing Market Stats press release (leveraging rbiPRO, of course). Jonathan was named “Best Online Real Estate Expert" by Money Magazine and appears in publications such as the Wall Street Journal and NY Times covering national and regional housing issues. Needless to say, we're thrilled to have him join our team!  Merry reading...


RBI Released November 2010 Housing Market Stats Today

The monthly housing data released by RBI today shows an encouraging pattern of stability in home pricing while a downward trend is emerging in sales activity.  The median price of a home in the Baltimore Washington metro area has remained constant over the last three months indicating overall strength in the regional housing market. And while housing is hyper-local, and each area is seeing its own fluctuation, I’m still seeing this as a region-wide trend.


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As part of first post-rbiPRO launch release, we've provided a capability that should be enticing to any old school Excel wiz - Export via CSV. Think you have a more compelling way to spit out data views?  Want to get ahead of the rbiNerdery in terms of a flashy charts or column views?  Utilize the interactive chart module to drill down on stats related to segments of interest and select the Print/Export button.



From there, you can sort, sum, and pivot-table away - all within the comfort of your favorite spreadsheet program.

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We have added a new view to our Interactive Charts catalog - Bar Graphs.  Graphing aficionados may slap us for not referring to these as 'column' or 'vertical bar' graphs, but we'll go ahead and call 'em Bar Graphs to keep it simple and enable a quirky and not all that sensical blog headline.  So what does this mean? 

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RealEstate Business Intelligence seeks to fulfill the real estate professional's needs with innovative new product

We are proud to announce the launch of our first subscription based product rbiPRO. rbiPRO is a powerful tool that offers reliable statistics, easy to read data, and powerfully detailed search capabilities. Our aim is to offer both static and interactive charts, graphs, stat maps and metrics that can be generated and shared with clients with ease (and a minimal amount of time). What separates RBI from other products is its use of direct data from the MLS. This gives the data extracted from our PRO software an unparalleled amount of reliability in the industry in these relatively uncertain times. rbiPRO will help the real estate professional raise their market IQ, don the trusted advisor cap, keep customers informed of market conditions, and improve their prospecting capabilities.

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