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What's New?

  • Introducing Market Gauges  We've added nifty gauges that compare the most recent monthly indicators against their 5-Year Average, 5-Year Maximum and 5-Year Minimum for the most recent month. Easily see if nine different indicators are above or below their 5 Year Trends

  • Interactive Charts Update Tooltips, the magic boxes that show up when you mouse over a chart, now include the Year-over-Year change figures. While it might seem like a small change, we think this will be a big hit. No need to do the rough calculation in your head or get out your calculator, just look at the "magic box".

  • Page Redesign The page layout has been enhanced to streamline your experience, and give you quicker access to Interactive Charts, Reports, and a new Explore tab which provides stat comparisons of all locations within the area.


Market Gauges

Why are they awesome?
They provide market knowledge in no time (well, in a few seconds). Our customers rave about the custom trends available via our game-changing Interactive Charts. Interactive Charts remain the best research tool every time you are discussing listing-specific market trends with a client or adding custom graphs to your website. But sometimes you just need to answer the general question: "How's the Market?" and don't want to dive too far into the weeds. The Local Market Insight Report and Year-to-Date Detailed Reports are obvious go-to tools, but Market Gauges provide an even faster way to put the most recent trends in perspective.

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Act now to save in 2012!

RBI is pleased to announce a discounted Annual Subscription option for rbiEXPERT. The standard rate for the Annual Subscription will be $299.90 (12 months for the price of 10) starting January 1st, but for the rest of this year the price is $269.91. That’s 12 months for the price of 9 -- 25% off!.

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Current rbiPRO customers

rbiPRO subscribers can upgrade to the annual rbiEXPERT option to take advantage of this great discount. While the current monthly rate for rbiPRO is $19.99, this $269.91 offer for rbiEXPERT averages out to $22.49 per month - a difference to you of only $2.50!  You’ll now have smartphone access to Stats Where You’re At with rbiMOBILE and be able to compare up to 5 areas on a single Interactive Chart.  And coming very soon, rbiFOCUS, a new feature exclusively for rbiEXPERTs will give you the ability to combine multiple criteria (year built, house type, beds, price, lot size, zip, waterfront, etc.) to get the specific trend you’re looking for.

Once you confirm the upgrade, you will be credited a prorated amount for whatever is left on your current month's subscription and charged the remainder of the $269.91 (or $286.10 with tax for DC customers).

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Current rbiEXPERT customers

Fret not existing rbiEXPERTs, you too can take advantage of these savings. To switch over to the annual plan and get your 3 free months, be sure you're logged in and the link below. Once you confirm the change over to the annual subscription, you will be credited a prorated amount for whatever is left on the current month's subscription and charged the remainder of the $269.91 (286.10 with tax for DC customers).

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RBI subscribers may have already noticed a bit more awesome in the interactive charts they've embedded on their websites.

No, not just the fact that your websites have updated statistics on the 10th of the month without any further work on your end (though awesome, that's been in place since rbiPRO was launched). The new awesome is more subtle - we've changed our charting engine over to HighCharts ( for a more contemporary look and feel and improved functionality.

It was essentially a plumbing change and we took care that the underlying technology wouldn't interrupt those charts that have already been shared by our the following improvements are showing up on our site and yours:




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Around the 8th of each month, I get an email from Betsy (our resident data geek) with a first look at the previous month's data. I then start bugging Porter (data visualization geek) to push them into our staging environment so that I can take a look at the new Interactive Charts.  A little perk from working at RBI - getting a sneak peak at local RE stats while the finishing touches of QA are applied (and before we update our site on the 10th!  Being a Loudoun resident, I usually jump right to the LoCo page to see how the market is trending and how my ZIP code is looking. Though unlikely since I've been in NoVa for decades, I occasionally toy with the idea of selling my place and moving to Maryland (2-hour commutes like yesterday makes it all the more tempting!), so obviously I like to keep tabs on recent trends.


Diving in this month, something jumped out at me when looking at the townhouse segment - the average Days on Market before sale was somewhat higher than I'd expected, given what I've seen from neighborhood signs changing from "For Sale" to "Under Contract" as I drive around (can't get much more anecdotal than that, but hey, I'm not a REALTOR®).  The chart below shows the Average Days on Market for the 225 detached sales (in purple) and 134 attached sales (in red).


I realize most agents (and home sellers) in counties outside of the MRIS region would love to see such relatively low figures, but the 45 day average for townhouses and 92 day average for detached homes still was higher than I'd expected. I flipped the Interactive Chart over to Median DOM and found a picture that better fit my preconception:


Posted on April 05, 2011 by Corey Hart



Watch this demo to get the basics of RBI's Interactive Charts. Give the features a test drive at the Mid-Altantic level, then sign up to create custom charts at the region, county or ZIP Code level - perfect for using on your website, blog or email farming campaign.

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