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We are excited to announce the availability of new reports, exclusively for RBI customers, designed to help you better explain market trends to your buyers and sellers.

Here is a snapshot of the new reports available now:


New Local Market Insight Reports

Previously only available at the County Level, these are now be available from Region to ZIP code. See examples:


Mid-Atlantic (MRIS-wide) - Available to all visitors

Region - Available to all visitors

County - Available to all visitors

ZIP Code - Exclusively for rbiPRO and rbiEXPERT


New Local Market Insight Reports - By Home Type

New reports containing key trends, infographics, and new narrative pertaining to a specific home type (e.g. condo/coop, detached, or townhouses). Examples:


Detached Properties - Exclusively for rbiEXPERT

Townhouse Properties - Exclusively for rbiEXPERT

Condos & Coops - Exclusively for rbiEXPERT


New Detailed Reports with Quarterly, Year End, and YTD Options

RBI will continue to provide the monthly Detailed Reports at all geo-levels.   We will continue providing the year-end reports for all MLS counties as MRIS has done in years past.  But we've added new Year End reports at the MLS, Region & ZIP level exlusively for RBI customers, as well as new Quarterly & Year-to-Date (YTD) reports. Examples:


Year End County - Available to all visitors

Year End ZIP & Region - Exlusively for rbiPRO and rbiEXPERT

Year to Date - Exclusively for rbiPRO and rbiEXPERT

Quarterly - Exclusively for rbiPRO and rbiEXPERT


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Posted on July 12, 2011 by Corey Hart



RBI subscribers may have already noticed a bit more awesome in the interactive charts they've embedded on their websites.

No, not just the fact that your websites have updated statistics on the 10th of the month without any further work on your end (though awesome, that's been in place since rbiPRO was launched). The new awesome is more subtle - we've changed our charting engine over to HighCharts ( for a more contemporary look and feel and improved functionality.

It was essentially a plumbing change and we took care that the underlying technology wouldn't interrupt those charts that have already been shared by our the following improvements are showing up on our site and yours:




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Posted on July 11, 2011 by Corey Hart



We're proud to introduce the Local Market Insight report, a monthly installment that replaces the Monthly Summary reports. Click here for an example or go to the Reports tab on any county page to find the new report.

NEW features of the report include:

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Posted on April 05, 2011 by Corey Hart



Watch this demo to get the basics of RBI's Interactive Charts. Give the features a test drive at the Mid-Altantic level, then sign up to create custom charts at the region, county or ZIP Code level - perfect for using on your website, blog or email farming campaign.

Posted on March 22, 2011 by Corey Hart



New Embed Sizes. New Share function. New Excel formatting. New Pendings.

We are pleased to announce our latest release that includes several enhancements we'll cover below. The focus of this release was making custom graphs you build (within the Interactive Charts section) easier to embed on your site or share via email or social networking platforms. Highlights include...

More Embed sizes - Now includes 4 sizes for optimized viewing on your webpage: XL(785x440), Large (620x330), Medium (540x330), Small: (300x280)

Sharing function - Creates a standalone URL for your custom chart that can be shared via Facebook, Twitter, email or MySpace (it's still around we think)

Export to Excel - Revamped the formatting, saving you the time previously needed to expand columns, etc. on the exported data spreadsheet

New Pendings - Added to the Market Activity facet bar. Total Pendings is still there, but this gives you a more timely view of contract activity.

Sold Price to Original List Price - Interactive Chart now covers the more precise "average ratio" rather than "ratio of the averages" (don't worry, we dive into the weeds below)


Keep reading to learn more about each enhancement...


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