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What's New?

  • Introducing Market Gauges  We've added nifty gauges that compare the most recent monthly indicators against their 5-Year Average, 5-Year Maximum and 5-Year Minimum for the most recent month. Easily see if nine different indicators are above or below their 5 Year Trends

  • Interactive Charts Update Tooltips, the magic boxes that show up when you mouse over a chart, now include the Year-over-Year change figures. While it might seem like a small change, we think this will be a big hit. No need to do the rough calculation in your head or get out your calculator, just look at the "magic box".

  • Page Redesign The page layout has been enhanced to streamline your experience, and give you quicker access to Interactive Charts, Reports, and a new Explore tab which provides stat comparisons of all locations within the area.


Market Gauges

Why are they awesome?
They provide market knowledge in no time (well, in a few seconds). Our customers rave about the custom trends available via our game-changing Interactive Charts. Interactive Charts remain the best research tool every time you are discussing listing-specific market trends with a client or adding custom graphs to your website. But sometimes you just need to answer the general question: "How's the Market?" and don't want to dive too far into the weeds. The Local Market Insight Report and Year-to-Date Detailed Reports are obvious go-to tools, but Market Gauges provide an even faster way to put the most recent trends in perspective.

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In this 30 minute webinar, you'll learn how easy it is to: Upload impactful local market info to your Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites. Provide timely market updates to your Customers & Leads via print, email, or social media. Register here for this 30 minute webinar to be held next Monday!

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M Squared Research PageJust a quick post to congratulate RBI customer Dominic Morrocco, co-founder of M Squared Real Estate, on making the Annual Inman 100 Roundup! As a co-founder and partner in M Squared Real Estate, Morrocco oversees the company's technology and marketing divisions.The M Squared website is among the most informative and user friendly broker sites we've come across and we absolutely love the innovative ways in which Dominic and team integrate RBI stats and reports throughout the site!

M Squared has obviously invested serious time and talent into their website. Visitors have access to Detailed and Local Market Insight reports as well as interactive charts for every ZIP code within the District of Columbia. This content, coupled with intuitive real estate search tools and more, makes a standout in the local real estate space!


Read what Dominic says about RBI here

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The word is getting out!  While Shawn Hessinger of didn't reach out to us, he did speak to one of our customers about the importance of market statistics to today's real estate professional...and did a fine job of describing the benefits of rbiEXPERT!

Click here to read the article: Analytics Stakes Out New Real Estate

After reading the post, be sure to come back and sign up for a free trial of rbiEXPERT to see what you (and your customers) have been missing!

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At the risk of coming off like a broken record, ALL real estate, including stats, is LOCAL. Here's another post highlighting how critical it is that local real estate professionals provide local context to combat buyer/seller preconceptions of their local market biased by national market headlines. Last night the PBS News Hour aired the first of a series of reports summarizing the national real estate market (worth watching to see what's happening across the country). published an article we stumbled across on the Twitterverse summarizing the distressed composition of the national market and the impact on pricing - Survey: High Share of Distressed Properties Keeps Prices Down

The article cites stats from a variety of sources, including national surveys and national data aggregators.  We don't dispute the conclusions drawn or trends outlined, but are they entirely relevant to YOUR market? Below we've included a few snippets from the article juxtaposed with how they'd read for one of our local regions. Any RBI customer can dive into stats like those below to see how any of the 59 counties stack up against national trends, but for purposes of illustration we'll use the Northern Virginia region.

National: "Over the past six months, the proportion of short sale transactions in the housing market increased from 17.8 percent to 19.9 percent". 

  • Northern Virginia: Over the past six months, the proportion of short sale transactions in the housing market decreased from 13.3 percent to 11.5 percent.


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