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We are pleased to announce the addition of Cities and Subdivisions into RBI stats, exclusively for rbiEXPERT customers.  ZIP codes just weren't cutting it for some of our users, in some cases they were too small ("I'd like to report on Bethesda, not just one part of it") and other times the ZIP code just isn't granular enough (especially for those ZIP codes with a variety of different housing types).  You asked, and we've delivered solutions to both problems in the latest release.

Need more granular stats?

rbiEXPERT customers can now see critical trends for over 7,500 subdivisions! We aggregated Legal Subdivisions and Advertised Subdivisions in order to satisfy whichever type is most relevant to your specific market.  Any subdivision that averages at least 6 sales per year has been included in this build.

Want to go bigger than ZIP code? 

rbiEXPERT customers can now access interactive charts, custom reports and more at the city level. Using the USPS preferred city name categorization, we now offer stats for over 600 cities in the MRIS footprint.  

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