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Visit the Videos tab to watch the latest video for your region, grab the auto-updating embed code to plug this great content into your website.  Here's the NoVa MarketWatch:

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We are excited to announce new features in February – new reports, exclusively for RBI customers designed to help you better explain market trends to your buyers and sellers.

Here is a snapshot of the features soon to come:


New Local Market Indicators Reports

Previously only available at the County Level, these will soon be available for every geo-level. See examples:


Mid-Atlantic (MRIS-wide) - Available to all visitors

Region - Available to all visitors

County - Available to all visitors

ZIP Code - Exclusively for rbiPRO and rbiEXPERT


New Local Market Indicator Reports - By Home Type

New reports containing key trends, infographics, and new narrative pertaining to a specific home type (e.g. condo/coop, detached, or townhouses). Examples:


Detached Properties - Exclusively for rbiEXPERT

Townhouse Properties - Exclusively for rbiEXPERT

Condos & Coops - Exclusively for rbiEXPERT


New Detailed Reports with Quarterly, Year End, and YTD Options

RBI will continue to provide the monthly Detailed Reports at all geo-levels.   We will continue providing the year-end reports for all MLS counties as MRIS has done in years past.  We're adding new Year End reports at the MLS, Region & ZIP level exlusively for RBI customers, as well as new Quarterly & Year-to-Date (YTD) reports. Examples:


Year End County - Available to all visitors

Year End ZIP & Region - Exlusively for rbiPRO and rbiEXPERT

Year to Date - Exclusively for rbiPRO and rbiEXPERT

Quarterly - Exclusively for rbiPRO and rbiEXPERT


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Over the years, some of the static reports on RBI have become redundant or outdated as RBI has added new reports, charting tools and interactive heat maps which cover the entire MRIS service area.


Effective February 10, 2012, RBI will no longer publish the following reports: Weekly Market Activity, Monthly Housing Supply Outlook, and Monthly Market Indicators. If you publish these on your website, you'll want to update with the new reports highlighted in this blog post which will debut on February 10, 2012. The NAR Quarterly Economic & Market Watch Report, last updated in Q2 2011, will no longer be available online.


Archives of all previously published reports will be maintained offline.  In the event you find it necessary to reference a specific report, simply email and let us know which report you need.


Access to the Interactive Charts, the Detailed and Local Market Insight reports, and the Interactive Heat Maps will continue to be available free of charge to visitors interested in macro statistics covering the entire MRIS service area.


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So it's a long graphic, but scan around to see how your county fared - you might be surprised to see a drop from 2010 to 2011. While some are anticipating an uptick in foreclosures with the robo-signing scandals in the rearview mirror, here's hoping 2012 will continue this positive trend in fewer foreclosures in the Mid-Atlantic Market. 42 of the 56 jurisdictions included in the chart below experienced year-over-year declines in the percentage of sales involving foreclosed properties!


Note, these figures should be considered preliminary, as RBI will publish final Year End stats in February. It's not expected that the shares below will change much once the Year End numbers are finalized.



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