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Year-over-Year Gains in Closed Sales and New Contracts

Rockville, MD (March 12, 2012) – The following analysis of the Baltimore Metro Area housing market has been prepared by RealEstate Business Intelligence (RBI), and is based on the February 2012 RBI Pending Home Sales Index™ released today.

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The 1,454 homes sold in the Baltimore Metro Area represent the highest February total since 2007. Inventory levels continue to decline with 11,919 active listings at the end of February representing the lowest supply of homes since March 2006. With 440 active foreclosures representing only 3.7% of the active inventory (the lowest level since November 2008) and a shift in the composition of homes types sold, the median sales price for the region saw an annual (year-over-year) increase for the first time in 16 months. 



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For a Limited Time, RBI is offering a Two Week Test Drive of rbiEXPERT

Most MRIS real estate agents have a general knowledge of market trends. Set yourself apart from “most agents” by presenting in-depth intelligence about the market in YOUR area.

Working with Sellers: Include information you learn from RBI in your next Listing Presentation and CMA. Explain where the market indicates their property is likely to sell and how long it will take.

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The 2011 yearly reports by county are now available and, for the first time ever, RBI subscribers can also access these annual reports at ZIP Code and regional levels! Click here for an example of a year-end ZIP Code report or visit the Reports tab on any Geo page to see a list of the reports now available.

Quick Q&A...

As an rbiEXPERT or rbiPRO subscriber, do I get any additional content in the Detailed Reports category?

Yes. Not only can you keep up-to-date on Year-To-Date comparisons with the new time aggregate reports we announced a few weeks back, you'll also be able to view the "official" Year End Reports at the ZIP code level. This more granular report is for subscribers only, and should be integrated into your local trends discussion with any potential buyer or seller over the next few months. Then, come April 10th, you'll be able to access the Q1 report to continue reporting key trends for logical time ranges during your client discussions.


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Here's the latest Northern Virginia MarketWatch. Visit the Videos page to view or embed the video for your region.


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We are excited to announce the availability of new reports, exclusively for RBI customers, designed to help you better explain market trends to your buyers and sellers.

Here is a snapshot of the new reports available now:


New Local Market Insight Reports

Previously only available at the County Level, these are now be available from Region to ZIP code. See examples:


Mid-Atlantic (MRIS-wide) - Available to all visitors

Region - Available to all visitors

County - Available to all visitors

ZIP Code - Exclusively for rbiPRO and rbiEXPERT


New Local Market Insight Reports - By Home Type

New reports containing key trends, infographics, and new narrative pertaining to a specific home type (e.g. condo/coop, detached, or townhouses). Examples:


Detached Properties - Exclusively for rbiEXPERT

Townhouse Properties - Exclusively for rbiEXPERT

Condos & Coops - Exclusively for rbiEXPERT


New Detailed Reports with Quarterly, Year End, and YTD Options

RBI will continue to provide the monthly Detailed Reports at all geo-levels.   We will continue providing the year-end reports for all MLS counties as MRIS has done in years past.  But we've added new Year End reports at the MLS, Region & ZIP level exlusively for RBI customers, as well as new Quarterly & Year-to-Date (YTD) reports. Examples:


Year End County - Available to all visitors

Year End ZIP & Region - Exlusively for rbiPRO and rbiEXPERT

Year to Date - Exclusively for rbiPRO and rbiEXPERT

Quarterly - Exclusively for rbiPRO and rbiEXPERT


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