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We're proud to introduce the Local Market Insight report, a monthly installment that replaces the Monthly Summary reports. Click here for an example or go to the Reports tab on any county page to find the new report.

NEW features of the report include:

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MRIS President and CEO David Charron contributed his perspective on the value of local real estate data with Inman News. 

A few of our favorite points:

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Around the 8th of each month, I get an email from Betsy (our resident data geek) with a first look at the previous month's data. I then start bugging Porter (data visualization geek) to push them into our staging environment so that I can take a look at the new Interactive Charts.  A little perk from working at RBI - getting a sneak peak at local RE stats while the finishing touches of QA are applied (and before we update our site on the 10th!  Being a Loudoun resident, I usually jump right to the LoCo page to see how the market is trending and how my ZIP code is looking. Though unlikely since I've been in NoVa for decades, I occasionally toy with the idea of selling my place and moving to Maryland (2-hour commutes like yesterday makes it all the more tempting!), so obviously I like to keep tabs on recent trends.


Diving in this month, something jumped out at me when looking at the townhouse segment - the average Days on Market before sale was somewhat higher than I'd expected, given what I've seen from neighborhood signs changing from "For Sale" to "Under Contract" as I drive around (can't get much more anecdotal than that, but hey, I'm not a REALTOR®).  The chart below shows the Average Days on Market for the 225 detached sales (in purple) and 134 attached sales (in red).


I realize most agents (and home sellers) in counties outside of the MRIS region would love to see such relatively low figures, but the 45 day average for townhouses and 92 day average for detached homes still was higher than I'd expected. I flipped the Interactive Chart over to Median DOM and found a picture that better fit my preconception:


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You may have noticed a new function on the right-hand side of each Interactive Chart – ‘Compare to Past’. We integrated this feature into the rbiPRO/EXPERT experience and it can also be previewed by non-subscribers on the Mid-Atlantic page (scroll down to the Interactive Charts tab).

This new function provides yet another way of comparing monthly trends and is especially useful in pointing out when a given month really bucks the historical, seasonal trend. As an example, here's a chart showing how Pending Sales peaked earlier than usual this year as a result of the First Time Homebuyer Tax Credit:


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As part of first post-rbiPRO launch release, we've provided a capability that should be enticing to any old school Excel wiz - Export via CSV. Think you have a more compelling way to spit out data views?  Want to get ahead of the rbiNerdery in terms of a flashy charts or column views?  Utilize the interactive chart module to drill down on stats related to segments of interest and select the Print/Export button.



From there, you can sort, sum, and pivot-table away - all within the comfort of your favorite spreadsheet program.

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