rbiPRO Opens the Data Door to Spreadsheet Junkies

Posted on December 04, 2010 by Corey Hart



As part of first post-rbiPRO launch release, we've provided a capability that should be enticing to any old school Excel wiz - Export via CSV. Think you have a more compelling way to spit out data views?  Want to get ahead of the rbiNerdery in terms of a flashy charts or column views?  Utilize the interactive chart module to drill down on stats related to segments of interest and select the Print/Export button.



From there, you can sort, sum, and pivot-table away - all within the comfort of your favorite spreadsheet program.

We're hard at work developing contextual tools that will give users period-over-period trend comparisons on first glance, but in the meantime we hope this enhancement enables PROactive users the means to extract core data and manipulate away.

At some point in the next few weeks we'll be releasing a feature that will enable you to export a pre-formatted version specifically for Excel that will export stats in a more aesthetic fashion than the CSV function. Not a huge difference, but we know how busy our customers are and it'll at least save you the few minutes it takes to resize columns and underline header rows!  Stay tuned...

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