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Increase in active listings for all property segments


Buyer activity in the Baltimore Metro Region housing market was flat in November.  The typical winter slow-down in the region’s housing market was intensified somewhat by the shutdown of the federal government.  Closed sales increased 0.8 percent from this time last year, which is the slowest growth rate this year.  Sales decreased 10.2 percent from last month, which is nearly three times the 10-year average October to November change. 

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A post - Are Cash Sales Creating a Dangerous Mirage? - covering the latest RealtyTrac report has been making its way around the Twitterverse today, with an ominous opening paragraph:

"Home prices and home sales have been rising over the past few years, pointing to a recovery in the housing market, but RealtyTrac warns that what we are seeing may not be a true recovery but instead a mirage created by investors—a dangerous mirage that could lead to trouble in the years to come."

According to the report, cash purchases made up nearly half of home sales across the nation in September. So we took a look at our local data to see how we compare to the national rate reported by RealtyTrac.  Fortunately the investor boogeymen artificially propping up prices doesn't appear to be "creating an unsustainable housing bubble" locally.  

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Our October videos were published yesterday...remember to go to the Videos page and embed the regional video for your market.  Just like our interactive charts, once you've done the one-time embed work (only takes a few clicks), the content will auto-update each month on your website.

Here's the October video for the Baltimore Metro region:



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Inventory remains tight...but the roller coaster ride might be over

Flashback. It is March 2006. New listings are up for the 13th consecutive month and contract activity is down for the 11th month in a row. Inventory has nearly quadrupled in the course of one year (from 4,152 listings in March 2005 to 15,640 in March 2006).

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Median price increases for all jurisdictions in the region


Demand in the Washington DC Metro Region housing market continues to grow, with sales and pending contracts increasing 19.1 percent and 1.7 percent, respectively, from last October.  Total inventory increased from the prior year for the first time in over two years, driven by townhomes and condo properties.  Despite the uptick in active listings, total inventory is still at historic lows and is only 35.7 percent of its 2007 peak level.  New listings increased 19.2 percent from this time last year and contributed to the increase in total inventory.  The median sales price increased in all jurisdictions as compared to last October.  The regional median sales price also increased 4.8 percent from last year, which is a slower pace than earlier this year primarily as a result of a slower increase in the median sale price of single-family detached homes. 

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