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Posted on January 01, 2011 by Corey Hart



We're proud to announce the launch of our second subscription option - rbiEXPERT. Building on the foundation of rbiPRO and retaining all of its features as well, rbiEXPERT provides detailed statistical analysis for multiple geographies found nowhere else in this price range. Available at $29.99 a month, rbiEXPERT sets itself apart from rbiPRO by focusing on the context of a given micromarket and how it compares to its "parent" market(s) or "sibling" markets.

In our initial release, rbiEXPERT provides the ability to compare up to five geographies in a single view. Additionally, users can drill down on how a given stat (e.g. SP to LP ratio) is trending for a particular home type/criteria (e.g. Detached homes or 4 BR homes) across several areas. In addition to the line or bar view, customers can also export the data to Excel sheets with just one click. Embedding an rbiEXPERT graph on your website with ZIP Codes you farm instantly positions you as the local market expert.



Let's say you are a listing agent in a ZIP code that is outperforming other areas within the county and crushing the greater regional Sold Price average. You'd like to provide this context to potential sellers that are reluctant to jump in given the downbeat market news of late. rbiEXPERT helps you paint the picture.

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With new features constantly rolling out to improve rbiEXPERT, this small investment will prove an invaluable asset as you speak to your clients. Improve your market value and differentiate yourself from your competitors.

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