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Posted on June 25, 2014 by Corey Hart



The original rbiEXPERT has been kicked to the curb by the new kid on the block:SmartCharts.  If you weren't aware of this, check out RBI's new digs and sign up for a free 14-day Test Drive. Here are 5 cool, new features:

1. "Explore" on steroids

See which subdivisions in your ZIP code are selling the fastest. Which are most expensive, or had the biggest sales jump, etc.

2. 10 Years of Market Trends

Provide your clients the full context of today's market by comparing it to the housing bubble, crisis and recovery.

3. Supply and Demand

For instance, Months of Supply (remember: 4 to 6 months is generally considered balanced. Anything less is a seller's market.)

You can use the charts to compare which price ranges have the most demand relative to supply. For instance, in Reston, $500k to $600k homes have less than 2 months of supply!

4. Quarterly increments

In lower volume areas like subdivisions, quarterly metrics often provide more relevant trends (wow, Petworth prices have seen some serious appreciation over the last several years).


5. Chart year-over-year change

A year-over-year percent change charts is great for plotting out when the pricing recovery started in a given area. You can plot the year-over-year change for any metric in SmartCharts Pro!

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